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The Georgia Career Information Center operates the Georgia Career Information System (GCIS). Working with educational and labor market professionals, GCIS contains assessments, explorations, and search strategies as well as the most comprehensive and accurate state and national occupational and educational information. In addition to career resource tools for individuals, tools are available to assist administrators.

GCIS provides Georgia's students and adult learners with vital career information.

GCIS is used in Georgia's elementary, middle, and high schools; colleges and universities; technical colleges; Employment Service offices; Rehabilitation Services offices; Department of Labor offices; Department of Family and Children Services offices; Department of Juvenile Justice; and public libraries.

To download a detailed document that describes each component, please click GCIS Quick Reference Guide.


Use this section to learn about yourself, set educational goals, and develop a career plan.


Use this section to match your interests, skills, work ethics, and lifestyle to career clusters and occupations.


Use this section to explore different occupations, learn about industries, investigate career options in the military, and find out if self-employment is a good fit for you.


Identify programs of study that interest you and schools that offer them. Learn more about apprenticeships. Explore your options for paying for school.


Create a résumé. Learn how to apply and interview for jobs. Discover ways to succeed at your job.

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